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Cervicore Biopsy


What the pathologist requests and the oncologist likes !

The success story of cervical cancer prevention continues with the introduction of human papilloma virus (HPV) detection and vaccination. But the importance of stroma in carcinogenesis has been underscored for better identification of those who actually will get the disease, decreasing even more false positivity1. We are proud to add new technology in tissue acquisition by introducing an entirely new way of taking a cervix biopsy.


Lesions of the cervix, either seen by colposcopy or by visual inspection, can now selectively be biopsied by turning a helix into the lesion. There is no need for a fixation forceps. The helix can penetrate up to 2 cm deep. Then a cutting cannula is turned and advanced over the helix to cut the sample from the surrounding stroma without generating collateral damage. Both needles can be withdrawn now and the intact sample can be gently freed in the releasing element that comes with the needle set. Biopsies can be taken as often and from as many sites as necessary.






Compared to the classical biopsy forceps, the advantages are obvious. The sample is of high quality. There is no damage to the rest of the cervix. The disease can be followed deep into the stromal tissues. The patient has little discomfort because no fixation forceps is needed. In case the cervix is sensitive, a local anesthesia can be applied and the Cervicore can be placed exactly within the anesthesia line.
The most important advantage however is that, by virtue of its simplicity, the costs are greatly reduced so that every patient can now afford a high quality biopsy. More, the sterile needle set can be offered as a single use system that excludes possible contamination of the materials in cases of highly transmissible diseases.