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Fischer Cone Biopsy Excisor


The Fischer Cone Biopsy Excisor (FCBE) is an innovative LEEP electrode that comes in a variety of sizes and shapes for precise cone biopsy specimens. Using an effective patented design, the FCBE provides improved control during cervical biopsy procedures, producing better specimen sampling and more predictable results.


Features and Benefits

  • Fischer Cone Design: Removes a perfect conical cervical specimen in seconds, resulting in less thermal artifact with more readable margins, providing an easier evaluation process for the pathologist.
  • 360-degree Rotating Motion: Reduces free-hand variability, improves control and provides predictable results.

  • Curved Stop Arm: Permits precise positioning of the instrument and allows unobstructed view of the cutting action at all times during the procedure.

  • 5 mm Distal Tip: Provides stability by sitting in the cervical os.

  • Linear Rigid Wire: Provides an accurate, smooth biopsy and requires less wattage, resulting in clean, precise cutting action with less drag, no bending and little to no burning or bleeding.

  • Reduces Burning: Smaller electrode with higher power intensity than large loop devices minimizes tissue char, potentially leading to less cervical stenosis.

  • Biopsy Positioning Label: Allows the pathologist to accurately orient the biospy to ensure clear margins.

  • Extended Stop Arm Tip: Uniquely designed arm protects lateral side wall and provides firm support and added wire electrode stability.

  • Fast Procedure, Better Results: Procedure requires only local anesthetic and can be performed in the surgeon’s

  • office or the clinic.

  • Fully Insulated Shaft: Protects the endocervical canal. 

>> Watch the video presentation of the Fischer Cone Biopsy Excisor here.

Fisher Cone Biopsy Excisor Sizes