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VITA Birthing and Examination Chair


VITA Birthing and Examination Chair

Product philosophy

The VITA birthing chair accommodates requirements of modern obstetrics to the fullest extent. It can be adjusted quickly and easily and its construction allows close access to the woman in labour. It can also be used for examination before delivery. Easy operability, highly versatile adjustment of footrest, clever accessories and easy cleaning are inestimable assistants in each delivery room.


Design concept of the Vita chair is based on maximum ease of handling and pleasing aesthetics. Ergonomics and ease of use are characteristic features of the modern birthing chair. The chair is produced in four colour versions and can be equipped with many components, which enhance comfort and function. Another advantage of design of the Vita chair is the fact that the chair does not need much space.


New concept of the footrest solution ensures high versatility. Footrest can be adjusted in all directions by the dedicated control. One of the main advantages of the Vita chair is easy access to the woman in labour from the front as well as from the side. The chair can easily be used for examination before delivery as well. The VITA chair is equipped with electric height lift and tilting backrest for several positions so that the personnel can quickly set the optimum position.

Easy Handling

Operability of the chair is designed so that it is as easy and as fast as possible. For example adjustment of footrests in all directions is possible by the dedicated control. The chair is entirely mobile. It can easily be moved using inbuilt transport wheels.

Hygiene with no compromise

Compact construction of the chair and plastic cover of the under-frame simplify overall cleaning and reduce the time required for maintenance. Seamless upholstery significantly decreases the risk of nosocomial infections.


The birthing chair is stable and has no unsafe gaps and sharp edges, which enhances safety of attending personnel. Low minimum height of 63 cm allows comfortable ascending to the birthing chair even for expectant mother with small physique.