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Gynaecological workplace GRACIE




Space savings in office


Thanks to the specially adapted foot rests the patient (patients with different size) can by very easily examinated on the chair also in a horizontal position. This solution reduces the doctor's unproductive time - The transformation from a chair to a couch is very fast and comfortable for a patient, because she does not need to move anywhere. The Gracie gynaecological examination chair combines the advantages of a chair and examination couch in one piece of equipment. Instrument trolley saves space in the surgery and provides for the physician´s maximum convenience when working. An innovative solution provided by BORCAD - integration of a colposcope in the GRACIE chair reduces spatial demands and increases convenience for the physician during the examination.



Chair control allows the doctor to program three positions of the chairs - access, examination and ultrasound up to three physicians independently. Using preset positions of the chair saves time and simplifies the work of doctors. Mobile wire-less foot controller for comfortable adjustment of an access, examination and ultra-sound position from any place within the doctor´s surgery. Using one of memory functions allows fluent setting up the gynaecological chair GRACIE to a couch for abdominal ultra-sound examination.




 All in one place:

  • Gynaecological examination chair
  • Integrated digital video colposcope
  • LCD monitor
  • Sophisticated and complex instrument tray



Instrument Trolley


 Provides a comprehensive background for the physician's work:

  • heating of metal vaginal speculums
  • ergonomic instrument and material layout
  • cages/baskets for waste and used speculums

Video colposcope


 Integrating LCD monitor allows its connecting to an abdominal ultrasound and transfer of photo/video to PC.

Connecting to ultrasound machine


  Using one of the memory functions allows fluent setting up the gynaecological chair GRACIE to a couch for a abdominal ultrasound examination.




The modern and appealing design of the Gracie chair increases the prestige of a doctor's surgery. The design is not subject to extravagant trends and has been sensitively selected to be elegant and fresh even after several years. The lines of the chair have been purposely selected to maximally eliminate possible injury of a doctor or an examined patient. The ergonomic shapes of the upholstery also positively impact comfortable positioning of a patient and calm her while being examined.


Access position


 The low access height of the seat and foot rests allows for easy positioning even of less mobile patients.



Easy cleanup


Compact closed surfaces with seamless upholstery enables quick and safe cleaning by the staff. Thanks to the wide availability of exposed parts the daily cleaning is very guick and easy. A paper cover can cover back and seat section or only the seat section economically.