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RUMI Uterine Manipulator


Koh-Efficient: Insertion Made Easy

The Koh-Efficient combines the KOH CupTM and the pneumo-occlusion balloon into one device for easy loading onto the RUMI® II handle as well as rapid and accurate clinical positioning.


Once the proper size Koh-Efficient is loaded onto the RUMI handle, the uterine tip is advanced into the cervical canal. Then the tip is advanced into the uterus and the cup seats into the vaginal fornix. Once in position, full articulation at the cervix is available.

The sterile, single-use device is available in four sizes to suit your patient's anatomy.

An Improved "Margin of Safety" for Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy

A key challenge in total laparoscopic hysterectomy is the identification, management, and safekeeping of the ureters and uterine arteries during the procedure. The RUMI® II Koh-EfficientTM is designed to fit securely over the cervix to place the vaginal fornix on stretch. The delineation provides a visual landmark and backstop for dissection while distancing the colpotomy incision from the uterers. This creates a ‘margin of safety' allowing you to continue the procedure with confidence. The locking handle maintains tip orientation and uterine position - both crucial to success of the procedure.

Easy Load: The Simple Way to Achieve Efficiency and Greater Patient Safety

Based on extensive testing and surgeon feedback, we are proud to introduce a simple effective loading mechanism in the Koh-Efficient, which assures a snug fit with no struggle. With this easy load innovation, it's easier to correctly position the Koh-Efficient - plus we've engineered integrated catheter retention channels for improved site management. Both of these advanced features help reduce valuable surgical time and effort.

Key benefits:

  • Robust KOH Cup provides a precise and stable cutting surface
  • Occluder balloon is pre-attached on the Koh-Efficient
  • Visual and audio indicators alert you when cup is locked into position
  • Locking handle maintains tip orientation and uterine position while permitting 140° of articulation at the cervix         



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