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Ultrasound Probe Covers


ULTRACOVER® now offers one of the industry's most complete selections of disposable probe covers to facilitate the safe use of ultrasound probes. ULTRACOVER® probe covers eliminate the risk of transmission of HIV and other infectious diseases to patients and staff. These probe covers also offer such benefits as:

  • Protection of equipment
  • Efficiency
  • Time savings
  • Savings in number of probes required
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Lower labor costs
  • Elimination of costly, time consuming disinfection

Available in latex and latex-free material, the ULTRACOVER® range of probe covers are acoustically transparent and offer the optimum fit for every transducer. Each cover is individually tested and available in both sterile and non-sterile grades.

 Product Code  Description    Packed
PEH3 - Universal covers for Endocavitry probes  


  - non-sterile    
  - 20x 3,5 cm    
86663 - Ultracover  


  - non-sterile    
   - 26 x 300 mm    
86633 Ultracover  


  - non-sterile    
  - 80x300 mm    

ULTRACOVER® Ultrasound Probe covers are recommended for the following hospital departments:


Ultrasound probes are used in cardiology and during heart surgery. The ULTRACOVER® line includes a sterile kit for the Transesophageal Echocardiography (TOE) probes used in adult and pediatric patients. This kit consists of an ULTRACOVER®, a syringe filled with transmission gel, an extension tube, a bite guard and a fixing aid.


Transvaginal probes are increasingly being used in gynecological procedures. These techniques bring probes into closer proximity to the target organs, thus providing better images for use in diagnosis. The ULTRACOVER® line offers the best-fitting cover for all of the major transvaginal probes currently in use. The individually packed covers are also available in sterile and non-sterile.


The use of transrectal probes typically requires two different covers. One of these is a sanitary cover; the other is a water stand-off cover for near-field visualization. The complete ULTRACOVER® line offers both types of covers to facilitate the correct use of transducers in this application.


The X-ray department generally carries out all types of ultrasound procedures (when taking biopsies of the liver, kidney, breast or pancreas, for example). Accordingly, a wide range of probes is used, including linear, sector and convex. For these purposes, general sterile procedures require that the probe (and sometimes the cord as well) be protected with a sterile cover. If necessary, a sterile puncturing adapter can be added. The ULTRACOVER® line offers the most suitable sterile kit for every type of probe used by X-ray departments.

Intra-operative applications

ULTRACOVER® offers the right cover for most types of probes used to image organs during surgical interventions. A unique procedure kit has been developed specifically for laparoscopic ultrasound procedures. This kit contains a polyurethane laparoscope cover, a syringe filled with transmission gel, an extension tube, and a cord cover and fixing tape.


Gastroendoscopes with an ultrasound tip are used for the imaging of stomach, intestinal wall, pancreas, gall bladder, and other anatomy. The ULTRACOVER® line offers several covers for such applications, including water standoff balloons.