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Ultrasound Gel


Gels for Ultrasounds

Basic Gel
Traditional quality gel of blue colour, high viscosity (82,000 RPM5-STD 18o), easily dissolving contact material. Recommended for all procedures.

Clear Gel
Free from colour substances and fragrances.

Aloe Gel
Containing 4 % of clear Includes naturally Aloe extract (4%) wich nurse gently the skin patient. Cosmetic quality base.

Lubri Gel
The international choice for a non-sterile lubricating gel. Colourless, odourless, water-soluble, low density gel for daily use. Definitely soft wich assure perfect sliding.

Sterile Gel
World standard sterilized (with Gamma) / or non sterilized ultrasound gel. Recommended for diagnostic exams and ultrasound treatmens.

Transept Spray
Machine manufacturer recommend for use after examination. Clean considerately the ultrasound probe. Sterilize the head without shatter. Non including rugged, granular ingredients, formaldehyde, phenols, or phospates.

Conti Gels for Electrocardiographic Diagnostics
High electric conductivity and quality. Low electric resistance. Recommended for short- as well as long term recordings. Hypoallergenic, bacteriostatic and non-irritating (PH from :6,5 to 7). Water-soluble, not greasy. Salt free. Optimal viscosity. Easy to wipe off after use

Conti ECG Gel
Superior high-conductivity contact gel for all electromedical procedures. (ECG, EMG, defibrillation, and biofeedback)

Conti Spray
High electric conductiv electrolite spray. Hypoallergenic, antibacterial, very economical and easy to spread to skin. Easy to wipe off after use, do not stain on material. Ideal for use with muscle stimulation and electromedical equipment.

Available in six versions:
- 20 gr sterilized or non sterilized foil puches.
- 200 ml dispenser bottle (only for Transept and Conti Sprays).
- 250 ml bottle with „push-pull" or „flip-top" cap.
- 300 ml dispenser bottle.
- 1,000 ml bottle with „push-pull", or „flip-top" cap.
- 5,000 ml can (rigid tank) with velcro-cap. (We recommend the use of a pump for re-filling)
- 5,000 ml soft balloon (cubitainer) with pouring lip. Advantageous due to almost full pressing out of the gel (up to 96 %).
- On request different packaging sizes avalible (60-100-200ml tubes, etc.)

- Eco Dispenser: for economically treatment.
- Max Dispenser: high-capacity pump recommended for permanent use.